Destination: Camarillo Custom Crush

Camarillo Custom Crush sits tucked away in Ventura County, but it is certainly not obscure. In passing, some might take it to be just another building in a business park; however, the sign gives away the large warehouse accompanied by a quaint tasting room. Home to over 40 different brands of wine, Camarillo Custom Crush is the birthplace of many varietals and many different labels. A chat with head wine maker Norm Stafford only solidifies what has made them a favorite - he knows the business. For those curious about the day-to-day process of making wine, or merely enthusiastic about a good pour, Camarillo Custom Crush serves the purpose. Due to their recent placement on the Ventura County Wine Trail, the winery is sure to make a name for itself not just with the knowledgeable, but for tourists with a curious palate as well.

Welcome to the Winery

Head wine maker Norm Stafford is around most days of the week to introduce himself to those who stop by. He is kept very busy by the process of making the wine, and always looks forward to the days he gets to meet with his clients: over 40 different vineyard-wineries total.

A Landmark Year

2008 marks the creation of the Ventura County Wine Trail. A total of 7 wineries compose this list of places to visit in Ventura. Some new, some well-established, the Wine Trail map will allow locals and visitors to have easier access to these destinations. Norm Stafford, for one, believes that the map will drastically increase traffic. The wine trail is available online at